Prepare to burrow underground at Fremantle's The Aardvark, in September to blow out the Winter cobwebs and be immersed by a deluge of song singin', bootay shaking, live music indulgence! Get ready to dance out your demons and celebrate the release of Bambuseae's fourth single release 'Blue June' alongside King Blue, Sgt. Hulka and Tashi bringing vibes higher than a kite in a spaceship.

TBRS are a 6 piece Retro-Futuristic PsychFunk & Cinematic Disco band hailing from Fremantle, Western Australia. With a dash of Blues Rock lyricism and attitude to boot this charismatic gang of carousers have only one thing in mind; dancing your worries into oblivion. Get those trumpet's goin' because TBRS's motto is "The People Must Dance" and dance you must! With the huge success of their recently released single 'Games', King Blue have been honing their own exciting brand of indie pop since forming in high school and bonding over a shared passion for music. The band burst onto the Perth scene with an energetic live show and an impressive collection of ear worms, creating an undeniable buzz about their music. This band will go to far and wide places for sure! We dare you to try and stay still when sassy singer songwriter and pianist extraordinaire Sgt. Hulka hits the stage! With unforgettably melodic crescendos and vocal harmonies for days Kirsty Hulka is a charismatic performer who holds an audience in the palm of her hand. She can have you bursting out laughing or crying into your beer. Her fingers effortlessly glide across the ivories while her vocals belt and soar above her amazing band. Multi-instrumentalist Tashi has a natural aptitude for warming the stage and a knack for reading the room, always choosing the right songs to mesmerise the crowd with her unique, powerful voice and playing style. Don't miss out on this all star party line-up, LIVE! at The Aardvark. TICKETS: $15+BF pre sale & $20 on the door

Online presale $15+BF or $20 on the door